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Summer Renewal

Two friends at Breitenbush

2010-2011Mentorship Group

Couples in Paradise

At the lava flow near Kilauea Volcano

Happy campers on the river trip

Playing in an eddy on the river trip

Germany workshop

4 Year Germany training graduation party

Meditating in a chapel in Assisi

June 2010 couples at our HomeCenter

Sam the cat finally makes friends with Lucy

Womens Retreat at our HomeCenter

The "Lovettes" at Summer Renewal


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Living from the Heart




Conscious Sexuality



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About our


It is so important to find, and live from, that centered place within ourselves, to connect with our own heart and with others. The inner, emotional/spiritual work is vital, but it is not enough. We need each other too. We need our family, but we also need extended heart-family, a trusted support network. This inner and outer connection is a focus at all our workshops for participants wanting deeper levels of love and healing in their lives.

We feel our workshops provide individuals and couples with a safe, nurturing and healing environment which allows them to open to and process material usually well hidden in their daily life. We gently encourage rather than force the needed changes to come about from within each person. We lead processes with pairs, small groups or the whole group, leaving time afterwards for sharing and bringing more resolution to individual or couple issues. Music, singing, laughter and movement are woven throughout to allow deeper integration of feelings.

Living from the Heart

workshops for individuals and couples may include:

Tools for opening the heart

Deeper relationship skills

A heart-centered approach to living

Living your purpose

Inner child connection

Enhanced receptivity

Healing from the past

Awakening joy.

Couples Retreat or Workshop

may include:

Tools for deeper appreciation

Communication building

(including healthy communication of feelings)

Our partner as a mirror

(working with positive as well as negative projections)

Understanding and respecting each other’s differences

The power of vulnerabilitiy

Conflict resolution

Healing past hurts

Sexual wellness

Refilling the cup of love

The blessing and challenge of working together

Developing a true inner connection

We would like to share our work in new places. Would you like to help volunteer to organize and promote a workshop in your area? If so, contact us.

We offer workshops for singles, couples, families, or for a general adult audience (individuals and couples). They range in length from one to three hours, one-day, weekend, or longer retreats (3-10 days). See our schedule below for more information or click on a workshop link to get more details.

A message from Barry and Joyce Vissell:
Please join us in holding a vision of a world where women, men and children of all nations, races and religions can see and feel the divine in themselves and one another. Here is our current 2011-2012 workshop schedule. We would love to see you at one of these events. Please remember how important this spiritual-emotional growth work is. Together let’s take another step on this journey into the heart of love and deeper awareness, where real world healing begins.

There are now scholarships or work-exchanges available for almost every event for those in financial need. Write us a letter describing your situation.


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Joyce and Barry's Schedule at a Glance
Date Name Location For
Jun 3-5 Esalen Couples Retreat Big Sur, CA Couples
Jun 24-26 Summer Couples Retreat Aptos HomeCenter Couples
Jul 10-15 White Water Adventure Klamath River, CA Singles, Couples, and Children
Jul 17-22 Summer Renewal Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR Singles, Couples, and Children
Aug 12-14 Conscious Sexuality Aptos HomeCenter Singles & Couples
Sep 23-25 Autumn Couples Retreat HomeCenter, Aptos, CA Couples
Oct 8-9 Germany Couples Retreat Osterberg Institut (Near Hamburg) Couples
Oct 14-16 Norway Couples Workshop near Oslo Couples
Oct 18-24 Assisi Retreat Assisi, Italy Singles & Couples
Nov-Apr The Greatest Journey Aptos HomeCenter Singles & Couples
Jan 29-Feb 5 Couples in Paradise Big Island, HI Couples

June 3-5  Esalen Institute, Big Sur, CA

The Shared Heart Retreat: The Couple's Journey to Wholeness. Learn skills to dramatically improve your relationship, while luxuriating at one of the most uniquely beautiful retreat centers we have ever visited. Work-trades or alternative lodging available. Phone: 831-667-3005. …more info

June 24-26  Summer Couples Retreat

Would you like your relationship to reach a new level of love, healing, intimacy and commitment? Cost (includes 6 vegetarian meals): $590/couple camping or day use if paid in full by Jun 17. $640 after Jun 17. Limited indoor accommodations, so please call early to reserve space.

July 10-15  Klamath River, CA

White Water Adventure Quest  (for adults and children 6 and older) Our 22nd  annual Klamath River trip will again emphasize spiritual renewal, celebrating nature’s simplicity and beauty, family bonding, and having fun! We’ll journey for 5 days and 4 nights on Northern CA’s wild and scenic “middle” Klamath River, starting at Happy Camp, 75 miles west of Yreka. 25 participants max, so please plan ahead to avoid missing out on this trip of a lifetime. $795/adult and $675/youth.

July 17-22   Breitenbush Hot Springs, OR
Summer Renewal Retreat with music by Charley Thweatt.

For adults and Childen of all ages.
Go to our Summer Renewal Page for more complete information.
Each summer at Breitenbush Hot Springs Conference Center, we witness individuals and couples moving through the barriers which prevent them from fully loving. We rejoice as families are united and children opened to their natural selves. The children’s program is alive with art and movement, nature experiences and fun groups! The age groups for the children's program are approximately 4-5, 6-8, 9-12, 13-15 & 16-19. The overall theme is “The Quest,” a series of adventures leading toward self-discovery. This is the highlight of the year for our whole family. Cost: adults $705-1020 depending upon lodging option. Children: FREE-$585 depending upon age. Registration: Mira at The Shared Heart Foundation office toll-free 800-766-0629. Partial work exchanges are available in the children’s program.

August 12-14  “Conscious Sexuality” for Individuals and Couples

Aptos HomeCenter. This workshop will give you valuable skills to create more fulfilling sexuality. People often comment on our ability to create a safe environment where we can reclaim our original innocence. Participants can be singles, couples, or attending without their partner. Cost (includes 6 vegetarian meals): $295/person camping or day use if paid in full by Aug 5. $320 after Aug 5. Limited indoor accommodations, so please call early to reserve space.

September 23-25  Autumn Couples Retreat

Aptos, CA. Couples describe these weekends as a safe and loving place to learn and practice new skills for their relating. Limited to 12 couples at our HomeCenter. Limited indoor accommodations, so please call early. Cost (includes 6 vegetarian meals from Friday dinner to Sunday lunch and either camping or day use/local lodging):  $590/couple if paid in full by Sep 16. $640 after Sep 16. $100 non-refundable deposit per couple. $200 non-refundable after Sep 16.

October 8-9  Germany

Couples Retreat at Osterberg Institut near Hamburg. http://www.osterberginstitut.de/ 

October 14-16  Norway

Friday evening-Sunday. Workshop and training for couples near Oslo. Contact Renate or Hermod Nordby Hansen hermodnh@online.no.

October 18-24    Assisi, Italy 

Living from the Heart Retreat for individuals and couples with music by Charley Thweatt. More info…

November 2011-April 2012               

The Greatest Journey: Expanding Your Ability to Give and Receive Love. A 3-Part Workshop.  

6 Month Personal Mentorship Program for individuals and couples with Barry and Joyce. Find and live your dream, your passion, and your purpose! Individually and together with a small, carefully chosen group of 8-14 participants (singles or couples), these 6 months can change your life. Includes: three 4-day retreats at the Aptos HomeCenter starting in November, and ending in April; tele-workshops with the group, and rotating peer-to-peer support. Must have attended at least one weekend workshop with the Vissells. More info…

January 29-February 5, 2012   Hawaii “Couples in Paradise"

A week-long retreat just for couples that will transform your relationship. This retreat is for you if you’re ready and willing for a quantum leap in your relationship. The romantic quality of Hawaii and the luxury of having a full week together will make this retreat truly life changing for each couple that attends. We will focus on healing, renewal, communication, forgiving, deepening the sexual relationship and rising, not falling, in love with our partner. We will have couple meditations and yoga, inspiring music, laughter and thrilling sight-seeing – in short, an extraordinary heart-opening experience for you and your partner in the presence of dolphins, whales, giant sea turtles, a beautiful black sand beach and the nearby volcano, steam vents, and thermal warm ponds. Kalani Honua on the Hilo side of the Big Island. Music by Charley Thweatt. Tuition: $1950/couple (sliding scale available). Lodging and meals: $1050-1820, depending on lodging option, includes 21 gourmet meals. More info…


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